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“What is Hamilton?”
Hamilton is a Viking camp within the Society for Creative Anachronism. The SCA is an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe. To learn more about the SCA please visit their website here.

Hamilton currently resides in the Barony of Delftwood within the Kingdom of Aethelmearc. However sometimes we can be found playing in our neighboring East Kingdom.

“Hamilton as we have come to know it”

Several years ago a small party of four people embarked on a journey to Pennsic, a two week long event in Slippery Rock, PA. They were ill equipped with one tent, one change of garb, and a trunk of food. With great expectations and little actual knowledge of what they were getting themselves into they pitched their tent and waited. They were soon swept into a world they never knew existed, and fell intensely and immediately in love.
Those four people, camping under the name “Sons of Loki” quickly realized that they were grossly unprepared for such an event. More importantly, they had no can opener. They looked to their neighbor for assistance. That is when they discovered the great Torvauld of Hamilton, who was their neighbor and, more importantly, had a can opener.
Taking an instant liking to the doomed party, Torvauld swept them into his own camp. He provided them shade and water, the two most important things when surviving Pennsic war, and of course the forgotten can opener. After only a few days it was clear that the Sons of Loki would now just simply be Hamilton. They learned from Torvauld some of the inner workings of Pennsic. They learned who to trust and who not to, how to properly set up a camp, what to pack, what not to drink, all were valuable lessons. What came next, nobody expected.
During the course of the following year, limited communication with their new chieftain led to a need for another meeting. “I will be at the War of the Roses,” he told them. He also told them to use the name Hamilton and meet him there. Two of the original party members went to the war, and Torvauld would never be found. With no success at contacting him, the now party leader, Ralf Erikson did what Vikings do best, he took over the Scottish house and made it into a Viking house. He set up camp next to a clan which knew of Torvauld, Clan Macenstalker. They became instant allies, and remain so to this day.
Today Hamilton is run by Chieftain Ráðúlfr “Ralf” Eiríksson , with House Maiden Aleidis Lanen, and the many dedicated members of the house. They continue to spread the name Hamilton and build it back up to it’s former glory. Traveling the state looking for adventure. Hoping that Torvauld will be proud of the condition we have worked to bring Hamiton to. We will find fun, adventure, friends, allies, enemies, and love every second of it!
-Chieftain Ráðúlfr Eiríksson


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