During the Downtime

The turning of the season towards winter is always a hard time for this band of Vikings. As the leaves change we are reminded that raiding season is over and begin to pack up our tents and gear and get them into their winter storage spaces. Memories of the season past are still fresh in our minds as we look toward the future season with heads full of new ideas.

We had a short but wonderful season this year. There were a few impromptu get together days in back yards with armor, the cooking and eating of much too much food, and some crafting time as well. We had members all over the country going to many different events and learning some great new skills.

Of course we had our annual migration to Pennsic. The weather this year was pretty agreeable all things considered. We survived a few intense downpours, some hot humid heat, and a few cooler evenings. Battles were fought, shopping was frequent, and friends were many. We had new additions to camp this year both in the people department and in the stuff department. We welcomed our new friends and they survived their first Pennsic War. We also had new lanterns to light the street hand made by our very own Ulfr! They were beautiful and many compliments were given across the sheetwall (and more than a few took pictures). We also added an enormous new cauldron to our kitchen! The food it produced was amazing and it will make many returns. Its size means it lives at Pennsic and does not make the journey home.

We also had a wonderful weekend over Labor Day of camping, fighting, crafting, and eating! The weather was perfect until the last evening when we got a little wet. Overall it was an excellent way to end the season.

Now our thoughts turn toward making ready our homsteads for the coming winter. Taking up projects put by the wayside, fighting off the winter chill, and visiting with friends. But our minds also wander toward the future when we must fight off the Jotun to ensure sprint will return to our homelands once again! Plans are being made for snowshoe adventure, fires at night to keep the cold at bay, and of course a feast to show the Jotun we stand strong together against their attempt to bring eternal snow.

Until we meet again….May the Wolf of Happiness Bite You in the Ass!

Pennsic Packing

The number of days until the Hamiltons leave for Pennsic is getting smaller and smaller. The closer we get the longer the to do lists seem to be! One huge part of Pennsic Panic is shopping for all that food to feed those hungry Vikings! Ma and Pa Hamilton started the great food adventure this weekend! The kitchen table is slowly being taken over by mountains of canned goods, the chest freezer is almost full to the top, and the dry goods storage is filling in. Somehow this insanity always seems to come together in the end…

Pennsic is Coming!


Pennsic War is our biggest event of the year. Its just over two weeks long and generally there are 10-12 thousand people attending. Each year our camp gets even better and this coming year is no exception! We have some really great stuff in the works and we can’t wait to show it off! If you are going to Pennsic come and see us down around the lake on W21.
To see what Pennsic looked like last year check here.

Feast Like Vikings!

Anyone who has ever cooked for a crowd knows it is no easy task. Especially when you decide to feed this crowd at camp! Hamilton has run meal plans for as few as 5 people with our biggest plan topping out at 32! Now that we seem to have a good understanding of how to plan to feed the masses, we are trying to make more food from our time period. There isn’t a lot of solid proof of what the Vikings actually ate and cooked, although more finds are being made every day. Many recipes come from reenactors taking known recipes and what is known historically about where the Vikings lived and traveled and coming up with what they think the Vikings might have eaten and how.

Step one in learning how to cook like a Viking is learning how to cook many different things over a fire. Sometimes this can be a challenge, especially when the weather doesn’t want to cooperate. The more we experiment, the more we learn. Below are just a few of the cooking projects we have taken on. I hope to try many new recipes this coming year and to take many more pictures of our tasty adventures!

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