Feast Like Vikings!

Anyone who has ever cooked for a crowd knows it is no easy task. Especially when you decide to feed this crowd at camp! Hamilton has run meal plans for as few as 5 people with our biggest plan topping out at 32! Now that we seem to have a good understanding of how to plan to feed the masses, we are trying to make more food from our time period. There isn’t a lot of solid proof of what the Vikings actually ate and cooked, although more finds are being made every day. Many recipes come from reenactors taking known recipes and what is known historically about where the Vikings lived and traveled and coming up with what they think the Vikings might have eaten and how.

Step one in learning how to cook like a Viking is learning how to cook many different things over a fire. Sometimes this can be a challenge, especially when the weather doesn’t want to cooperate. The more we experiment, the more we learn. Below are just a few of the cooking projects we have taken on. I hope to try many new recipes this coming year and to take many more pictures of our tasty adventures!

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